Kelly to leave after all and athletic bloat

Update: Ducks confirm Kelly’s going to the Eagles.

The Delta Cost project if the American Institute for research has come out with a report comparing university spending on athletics with spending on academics:

Athletic departments spend far more per athlete
than institutions spend to educate the average
student—typically three to six times as much;
among Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) institutions,
median athletic spending was nearly $92,000 per
athlete in 2010, while median academic spending
per full-time equivalent (FTE) student was less than
$14,000 in these same universities.  

Ÿ Athletic costs increased at least twice as fast as
academic spending, on a per-capita basis across
each of the three Division I subdivisions.

There’s more, seems like a well done report, here. 1/16/2013.

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One Response to Kelly to leave after all and athletic bloat

  1. Anonymous says:

    the language seems to confuse instruction-related spending per athlete and athletic-relatic or total spending on athletes, or am I missing something? relative % changes would still be meaninful, but the comparisons of levels would not mean much.