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Coach Helfrich’s perverse academic incentives

He’s got some high-powered incentives to encourage his “student-athletes” to take gut courses with inflated grades. Too bad AD Rob Mullens didn’t consult with UO’s Intercollegiate Athletics Committee about the likely academic consequences – this is now locked in for many years. Full contract here. 1/24/2013.


  1. Anonymous 01/25/2013

    What? Don’t you professors get paid on the basis of the number of A’s you give out? Honestly, I don’t see the problem here.

  2. Anonymous 01/25/2013

    A special award should be given to any contributor to this blog who could come up with a Helfrich contract provision on this issue that would have attracted the support of UOMatters.

    • Anonymous 01/25/2013

      Dog Says

      Simple. Stipulate in the contract that UO Matters will be provided single malts, aged at least 20 years, at the rate of one per week during Football season.

    • UO Matters 01/25/2013

      Helfrich’s cash = c*(athlete-average) grades, where average is by department/major. Notice that this could be a negative number. Single malt would also work.

  3. Anonymous 01/25/2013

    Over their head. They don’t even see the problem.

  4. Anonymous 01/25/2013

    Wow! I’m speechless…

    (though I do wonder if the teachers of these gut courses are getting any kickbacks)

    • Anonymous 01/25/2013

      You bet, the AD doles out “Football Coach of the Week” perks for compliant professors. Breakfast with the team, hang out in the locker room for the pep talk, and a special sidelines pass. All you gotta do in return is pass the players. It rocks.

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