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Students want jocks to pay more for band

Rob Mullens is not having a good year. First Chip Kelly left him. Then Jamie Moffitt raised his overhead $500K, thanks to our persistent questions. Then Kitzhaber announced he would shift the $900K subsidy the lottery gives him for athletic scholarships to the academic side. And now student government wants him to pay the $150K subsidy for the marching band. On the plus side, he’s saving $1.7M a year on Helfrich’s contract, and Kelly owes him $3.5M for leaving early. So stop bitching about money, Rob.

On the other hand, read this ODE letter from the Head drum major, explaining all the non-athletic stuff the band does.


  1. Anonymous 01/29/2013

    I know an ex band member. He stated that he felt like a whore for Nike.
    This money is pocket change for Uncle Phil.
    Why not shift from having every piece of band clothing slathered in the Nike Swoosh & just go full bore, making each band member uniform just look like one giant Nike swoosh!
    A marching band of Nike Swooshes!
    It’s all about franchising, marketing & profits.
    Nike can write it off as a marketing/business expense, the ASUO keeps it’s $. Win win.

    • Anonymous 01/29/2013

      If you’d seen that guy at band camp, you’d know why.

  2. Anonymous 01/31/2013

    isn’t marching band a class?

    • Anonymous 01/31/2013

      No, it’s a religion.

    • Anonymous 01/31/2013

      the last religion i signed up for carried a bigger fee and satisfied less degree requirements. but i did get a uniform.

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