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The Financial Condition of the University of Oregon

Today, 3/6/13. I’ll try and live blog it. The union’s need to respond to Gottfredson’s mini-raise ultimatum by next week has raised the stakes for this considerably.

Wednesday, March 6:
3:30pm – 5:00pm
Lawrence Hall 115

3/2/13: Our JH contacts report that their bosses are going to plead poverty when the Union starts putting forward salary proposals in a few weeks. AAUP lawyer and forensic accountant Howard Bunsis has been tasked with searching their pockets. This will be his third trip to UO, during his last two he ran circles around VPFA Frances Dyke and Interim Provost Bean with his data and presentations. New VPFA Jamie Moffitt is a tougher nut, given her years of experience hiding Duck athletic department subsidies from the faculty. But my money is on Bunsis. And so is yours.

The union post is here, check out one of these events:

TWO EVENTS on Wednesday, March 6:
McKenzie Hall 375
***RSVP by Monday, March 4 to [email protected]***
Lawrence Hall 115


  1. Anonymous 03/07/2013

    No live blogging, no updates?

    • UO Matters 03/07/2013

      The union’s going to post the slides and the video, so I thought I’d kick back and catch up on emails.

    • Anonymous 03/07/2013

      Where is the union posting the video?

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