President in trouble with independent board

That would be President Sullivan at UVa. The Daily Progress has the story. The board tried to fire her last year. The governor reappointed Helen Dragas, her worst critic, to the board along with another businessman of the dull type we can expect to get for our board if the New Partnership Plan B goes through:

Most board members declined to publicly discuss the tense exchange between Sullivan and the board last month. 

William Goodwin Jr., a Richmond businessman who was recently appointed to the board, said that differences of opinion and discussion are central to a healthy governing board. He was angry that the internal email was shared with The Post and argued that the news media should not report on issues that cast the school in a poor light. He said that there is no tension between the board and the administration. 

“You are making a mountain of a molehill,” Goodwin said. “My involvement is really going smoothly. The only deterrent is the Freedom of Information Act,” he said, and state laws that require the board to meet publicly. 

Differences of opinion and discussion are a good thing. That’s we we hide them from the public, then drive down to the Rotonda one Sunday morning and fire the President. We’re going to be in for quite a ride if the NPPB passes. Lots of up, lots of down. 3/3/13.

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