Shades of UO’s Charles Martinez

3/28/2013: From

Jonathan Hart was appointed professor of English and comparative literature at the University of Alberta in 2004. In 2011, he was also appointed professor of English studies at Durham University, in Britain. Neither was a part-time position, and it appears that neither institution knew about Professor Hart’s dual roles until the facts came to light at the end of last year.

Not very impressive compared to UO’s former VP for Diversity, Charles Martinez, who was able to pull off multiple appointments right here in Eugene, working 0.75 FTE at UO and 0.6 FTE at Oregon Social Learning Center. Martinez got away with this for several years under Frohnmayer, who wanted him to help cover up the details of the discrimination lawsuit Frohnmayer and Moseley had lost to Joe Wade.

At one point his total FTE was up to 2.1. Lariviere finally fired him as VP, but Bean had already given him tenure (as an administrator?) and now he’s still in the College of Ed, pulling down $153,502 as an associate professor.

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