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Daily Show mocks NCAA, Enforcement Director and friend of Glazier leaves.

Last updated on 09/11/2015

4/14/2013. Six minutes of satire that captures it all:

This South Park episode is pretty wicked too. In other news NCAA Director of Enforcement Dave Didion is bailing for a job at Auburn – the latest in a string of departures or firings. Here’s an email that Mike Glazier, the lawyer that UO’s Randy Geller is paying to deal with the Kelly/Lyles infraction, wrote to Didion a while back. He sent it to me by mistake. Sort of odd to see UO’s lawyer telling the NCAA Director of Enforcement what to say about what is paramount in the eyes of the enforcement staff!

From: Glazier, Mike
Sent: Saturday, December 17, 2011 10:34 AM
Subject: RE: loss of institutional control wrst UO athletics

Dave:  When you respond, I believe it is important to explain that the conditions placed on Oregon are typical of those placed on any institution when the enforcement staff allows the institution to engage in a joint investigation with the staff. Protecting the integrity of the investigation is paramount in the eyes of the enforcement staff and that can only be ensured by limiting information about the investigation to a small number of people. Mike

And if you want more NCAA hypocrisy, listen to this Outside the Lines interview with NCAA President Mark Emmert, about the Miami/Shapiro case:

Why does Emmert still have his $2 million a year job? The university presidents that hire and fire him like his work.


  1. Anonymous 04/14/2013

    I hate UO athletics. Sick.

  2. UO Matters 04/14/2013

    The coaches and Mullens and O’Fallon are doing a spectacularly good job maximizing their own payoffs given the totally corrupt system of incentives that the NCAA enforces. Mandvi does a great job making fun of it all, which is really all you can do about it. The NCAA has bought off everyone involved, with tax-deductible donations no less! Impressive work. It’s always fun to sit in the IAC meetings though, and listen to these guys try and make their behavior sound altruistic and caring. So sign up for the IAC on the Senate committee form Kyr sent around, and watch them squirm!

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