Help us pay President Gottfredson $300 to see Sharon Rudnick’s invoices

4/3/2013: The smart money says she’s billed us more than $200K so far. Now UO’s Public Records Office is charging $300 for people to see copies of the latest invoices from Sharon Rudnick and HLGR:

We asked for the documents 12 days ago, and found out about the fee today. We paid it, and expect to get these public records “within a reasonable time”. That would be this Friday, according to the two-week time recommended in the Attorney General’s manual. If you want to help out with the fee, click on the paypal button below:

Donate $5 to pay Dave Hubin’s public records fees

Dear Ms. Thornton and Mr. Hubin:

This is a public records request for copies of any UO contracts and invoices for legal advice or consulting assistance related to the UO faculty union, from Nov 7 2012 to the present, redacted only to the extent allowable by Oregon public records law.
If you are contemplating charging for these documents I ask for a public interest fee-waiver. These public records document the expenditure of substantial amounts of state funds. The UO administration’s response to faculty unionization will affect the lives of the UO faculty, students, and the people of the state in many ways. These groups and the public at large have an interest in understanding who is advising the UO administration, and what that advice is costing.
I also ask for a timely response to this request. The Oregon Legislature is currently considering HB3342, which would impose additional regulations on how state agencies can use public funds to discourage unionization efforts. I am scheduled to go to Salem on Wednesday 3/27 to meet with legislators, and it would be very helpful to have these documents for those meetings.
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One Response to Help us pay President Gottfredson $300 to see Sharon Rudnick’s invoices

  1. Cheap says:

    This sounds sort of dirty. I’m in for $10.