Kitzhaber to sign bill giving children of illegal immigrants in-state tuition

From “Around the O”:

University of Oregon student Edith Gomez will join Gov. John Kitzhaber, Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney and others Tuesday morning (April 2) when the governor signs into law the state’s so-called tuition equity bill.

Gomez, a general science major at the UO, testified in favor of the bill two months ago, along with UO President Michael Gottfredson and others. It was supported by the Associated Students of the University of Oregon and by the Oregon Student Association.

The legislation, House Bill 2787, was approved by a large majority in both chambers of the legislature. It will grant in-state tuition eligibility to undocumented students who have lived in the U.S. for at least five years; graduated from an Oregon high school after studying there for at least three years; been accepted to an Oregon university; and shown an intention to become a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

The Oregonian reports on the decade long fight to make this happen. Congratulations to all who did it. Now let’s get these students into UO, and graduated with a degree that will get them a job. Speaking of which, here’s a very interesting NY Times story on recent research showing how straightforward it is to get top low-SES students to go to top colleges: give them information and tuition discounts. 4/1/2013.
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  1. Benjamin Hansen says:

    Its interesting that Rudnick keeps talking about about the constraint of what’s available. Sounds like they already know how much they are willing to spend. So what is it??

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