Oregon Hall air quality

Diane Dietz has the story in the RG:

… they’d tried for months to get the administration to hold an open meeting for Oregon Hall employees so that all the workers with physical complaints could air their concerns. 

But it wasn’t until after DeFazio called UO President Michael Gottfredson that university officials called a meeting, they said.

But some Oregon Hall workers are afraid of job retaliation if they disclose their symptoms, McNelly said. She is a steward in the union that represents UO’s classified employees. 

“People are scared to come forward and fill out information and say, ‘I’m having trouble and here’s my room number, or here’s where I sit and on what floor,’” McNelly said. “They don’t trust the process, and so they suffer.”

Dave Hubin’s public records office stalled for months and tried to charge me hundreds of dollars for the air quality documents, which people in OH asked me to ask for. They were afraid of retaliation. Hubin wouldn’t budge until DeFazio wrote Gottfredson. Here’s hoping the new UO Ombudsman, who reportedly will be in place by summer, will make it easier and quicker to resolve situations like this. 4/8/2013.

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