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Frohnmayer & Bellotti hold retirement workshop for UO faculty

5/27/2013: Potential changes in PERS make this workshop a must for all UO faculty. Friday at 8PM, in the Lariviere smoking lounge at the UO Faculty Club.

Club Steward Russ Tomlin has agree to relax the usual men only smoking lounge rule, so that UO’s lady faculty can benefit from a special talk by the former (and current) Mrs. Colleen Bellotti, explaining how a quickie divorce and remarriage can add $50K to your PERS take.

The workshop will conclude with a video address from Governor Kitzhaber, explaining how much he will cut your pension in order to pay for the benefits the people who retired before you are pocketing.


  1. Anonymous 05/27/2013

    Frohnmayer has already done so much for UO. His willingness to help the faculty with retirement planning merits public recognition.

  2. never wanted to know this much about PERS 05/27/2013

    Careful with the Berdahl case. It is very much like that of the ORP “inactives.” In fact, his pension is so large for very similar reasons theirs will be. Unless the Governor succeeds in cutting them by a factor of 10, as he is out to do. Is that your goal too?

    • UO Matters 05/27/2013

      Point taken, though it’s not quite the same since he left in 86. Plus I did beg him to take the interim pres job. FWIW I also posted a comment in the Chronicle defending his salary, back when the fact Lariviere hired him to consult came out.

  3. never wanted to know this much about PERS 05/27/2013

    Leaving in ’86 magnifies the appearance of his “inactive” pension for all the reasons you and I have noted. The one real difference is that he is already drawing the pension, so presumably it’s safe (for now).

    The Oregonian has another PERS article today, this time about the Republicans’ schemes.

    Never thought I’d be spending my last years at UO stewing about whether I was going to get screwed out of PERS. Never trusted the state, but never dreamed they’d try to pull something this dirty.

  4. Anonymous 05/28/2013

    This stuff is so gross. Even more ugly is the reluctance of the wider UO community to join together with those who are trying to instigate change. What are they waiting for at this point?

  5. Not Dave or Bob 05/28/2013

    Simple rule – never hide public records from UO Matters. Ain’t worth it.

    • Anonymous 05/28/2013

      How about “never hide public records,” without the UOM modifier?

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