Gottfredson’s fire sale on UO Board emails

5/20/2013: I’m guessing these emails about legislation for a UO Board of trustees – a matter of legitimate public interest to many in the state – are now well past their sell-by date, hence the discount. The Register-Guard originally requested them 10 weeks ago:

From: Bill Harbaugh
Subject: Re: PR request for Boyd documents
Date: May 20, 2013 8:49:26 PM PDT
To: Dave Hubin , Gregory Rikhoff , President Gottfredson
Hi Dave:
I don’t understand the email below from your Public Records Officer, regarding emails about the drafting of legislation for an independent UO board.
She says her original estimate was unclear. No, it was perfectly clear, to the penny: $1065.29 to see a few emails.
What is unclear is why the sudden 40% discount she’s now offering. I’ve asked before for an explanation of the PR Office’s policies on fees. You wouldn’t give me anything substantive. Why not?
Please forward an explanation for this unexpected 40% sale price. If I don’t buy at $639.18, is there a chance you’ll come down more? Does the answer depend on how much I can embarrass you, Randy Geller, and President Gottfredson over using these charges to delay or prevent the release of public records to the public?
Can I also expect a discount on the $285 you are trying to charge me for a single email showing the names of the members of the administrative union bargaining team? Are you also willing to haggle over the $535 you are trying to charge for a single month of invoices showing how much public money UO is paying HLGR to negotiate, slowly, with the faculty union?
What will it take to make you see the light on this issue, and realize that your office’s continued and persistent efforts to frustrate the release of public records are, in the end, far more damaging to UO than anything that is likely to be found in these documents?
Thanks for your help with these questions,
Bill Harbaugh
UO Prof of Economics
On MondayMay 20, 2013, at 6:07 PM, “Office of Public Records” <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Harbaugh-
The estimate I sent you on 5/16 in response to your request for an update on your request for “all records generated or received by University of Oregon employee Betsy Boyd and UO President Gottfredson regarding proposed or draft legislation that would create a University of Oregon governing board or otherwise change the relationship between the UO and state government. The time period for the request is Nov. 1, 2012 to the present”, was unclear.
I would like to clarify that while the actual cost of responding to your request is $1065.29, the office has agreed to provide a fee reduction of 40%. Accordingly, the new estimate for your request is $639.18.  Upon receipt of a check made payable to the University of Oregon in this amount, the office will proceed to locate, copy and provide the records you have requested that are not exempt from disclosure….
Lisa Thornton
Public Records Officer
University of Oregon
Office of the President
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