Journalism dean search do-over

We present, for your consideration, four outstanding finalists for the Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication.  Candidates will be on campus for the next two weeks beginning Monday, June 3.  Campus visits are scheduled as follows:
  • Candidate A, June 3 and 4 [Ed: Dave Kurpius, LSU] 
  • Candidate B, June 6 and 7 [Ed: Derina Holtzhausen, OK State] 
  • Candidate C, June 10 and 11 
  • Candidate D, June 12 and 13
Campus visit itineraries, letters of interest and CVs are now posted for the first two candidates at:  Information on the other two will be made available next Wednesday, June 5.
Please engage them at their public presentation and any other meeting to which you have been invited.  A survey link will be activated on the same webpage which will provide a mechanism to give me your feedback.  I look forward to reading your perspectives on the candidates. 
Regards, James Bean
Senior Vice President and Provost
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does Bean still have input on hiring?