Excellent ODE reporting on parties and Pathways

6/3/2013: Troy Brynelson has a fascinating look at how the free-market and UO student party people have responded to Eugene’s new social host ordinance: the students hire professional bouncers to keep their parties under control. Better than trying to quiet down your wild friends, and yourself. And cheaper than the fines. Yes, there will be a question about this on my behavioral economics final:

Explain, using risk aversion and time-inconsistent preferences, why a forward-looking rational agent might hire a $100 bouncer, and give them the power to shut down their own party.

Savannah Wasserman has a great story on PathwaysOregon, an excellent program to give low SES students full scholarships (but not room and board) and academic support at UO. Unfortunately not yet fully funded, meaning many eligible students are turned away. The recent Senate resolution on athletic finances calls for President Gottfredson to start requiring the athletic department to start making a modest contribution from their bloated $95 million budget, starting in 2014. This would fund ~60 more students per year.

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7 Responses to Excellent ODE reporting on parties and Pathways

  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone heard anything from Gottfredson’s office on the resolution? Anything at all? Does he (or Hubin_ even now of it, or the date by which Gottredson must respond to the Senate?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The bouncers seem to work as intermediaries and the kids buy information and protection – pretty time-consistent preferences and it shows how arbitrary police lights can be. The police should ask for kickbacks…

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