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Legislature approves $1.5 billion for University

The $1.5 billion construction component is an investment in building new scientific laboratories, purchasing advanced equipment, constructing new classrooms, and adding housing.  The state will also invest $137 million in operating funds to hire hundreds of new faculty, and to expand the student body in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). 

UConn President Susan Herbst says it is unquestionably one of the largest single investments made by a state in its flagship university, and its effect on UConn will be “nothing short of transformational.” 

U Conn seems well on their way to joining the AAU. They have had a faculty union for years (my father helped start it). Their contract is between the “U Conn Board of Trustees” and the “U Conn chapter of the AAUP”. No petty insecure admin nomenclature nonsense. The contract includes a clause protecting shared governance, but it’s not grievable. I don’t know what Conn law says about shared governance. 6/5/2013.

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  1. Daffy Duck 06/05/2013

    One question I have on the Union constitution before I vote ( yes, I’m a member) is whether we would be happy having the union’s disciplinary clause language in our contract with UO administration? I don’t think so, but convince me otherwise.

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