Help UO students see Gottfredson’s official calendar

7/26/2013: “Around the O” releases details on Gottfredson’s official calendar.

Just kidding, it’s a puff piece about his trip to Fort Rock:

Participants in this year’s tour included UO President Michael Gottfredson and his wife, Karol; Interim Provost Scott Coltrane and his wife, Wendy; Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and her husband, David; …

Plenty of money for “reporting” on stuff like this, but Hubin’s office is still stonewalling requests by student-journalists to get a copy of their president’s official calendar. After his month’s news about Rudy Crew and Jeff Cogen, you’d think he’d realize how bad this looks. Apparently he doesn’t care.

6/7/2013: Dave Hubin’s public records office is trying to charge our students $240 to see the most recent 5 months of their president’s official calendar, claiming there’s not enough public interest to justify a fee waiver. Please donate below to help them out.

Also on “Around the O” today, a survey on reader use and satisfaction from the “Office of Strategic Communication”. Fill it out, and tell them UO Matters sent you:

Donate $5 to pay President Gottfredson’s public records fees

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2 Responses to Help UO students see Gottfredson’s official calendar

  1. Anonymous says:

    Up yours, buddy. His calendar is personal, as far as I’m concerned. Like his income tax returns. If they can demand his calendar, they can demand mine. No thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      The request is not for his personal calendar. On what evidence do you grant such trust to anyone holding that office, anyway? Have you not been paying attention?