Who pays Glazier, and Duck Beach Sand Volleyball developments

8/21/2013 update: After telling the faculty on the IAC we had to keep her presentation about Sand Volleyball secret, AAD Lisa Peterson has now blabbed all about it to Andrew Greif in the Oregonian. Interesting double standard.

8/12/2013 IAC meeting update: The meeting took place as scheduled and lasted for about 40 min.

I said I’d talked to a few reporters about the rumors, and asked if the meeting was secret. AAD Lisa Peterson said it was her understanding that her presentation would be confidential. I asked why Beach Volleyball plans should be a secret. Ms Peterson said that she was not prepared to proceed unless the meeting was confidential.
The committee discussed this, and the consensus was that it was best to agree to confidentiality and maybe learn something and perhaps even have a chance to be consulted. So I agreed to keep the details of the meeting confidential, and I told Ms Peterson that I would explain this to reporters.

When I started taking notes on my laptop, she asked if I was blogging about the meeting. I reiterated that I had promised to keep the details of the meeting secret. She said she was just checking up on me to make sure. 

In terms of the substance of the meeting, I assume it’s public knowledge that any decision to add NCAA Sand Volleyball and be playing by spring needs to be submitted to the NCAA by Oct 1, that the USC Sand Volleyball facility cost $5 million, and that Nike sells beach volleyball gear.

Sorry, wish I could say more – but it’s a secret! 

8/10/2013 update: Word is that Rob Mullens is sending AAD Lisa Peterson to “consult” with the IAC about the possibility that UO might add a beach volleyball team. Monday at 3:30, second floor of the Jock Box. This is a sham, Rob Mullens made this decision long ago. The location is presumably to make it easier to keep out reporters and students wondering where their money is going, since they aren’t allowed up the stairs. Last time they held the IAC meeting in the student union and then the IAC, led by Andy Karduna, voted to kick out the student reporters – big mistake.

Here’s a pdf from the volleyball association on the current status of the sport. While Kilkenny’s competitive cheerleading dream seems to have failed to make it with the NCAA as a sport, “Sand Volleyball” has. That means it helps UO’s Rob Mullens boost his ranking in the NCAA Director’s Cup competition, for which he gets a fat bonus:

One of many bonuses in his ~$650K a year contract. Plus car, of course.

Meanwhile I finally got the BANNER reports on who paid Glazier. These take 5 minutes to run, but Hubin’s public records office managed to stall releasing them for months. Full dump here. The upshot? Jamie Moffitt had been charging half the cost to the academic side:

but Berdahl started making the jocks start paying the full cost in Feb 2012:

Gottfredson still hasn’t made a substantive response to the May 2013 Senate resolution on ending the millions in Jock Box and Matt Court subsidies, but he did cut back on the secret overhead subsidy Frohnmayer had given out. From what I can tell he didn’t backslide on the Glazier costs either, though it’s a bit hard to figure out – I’ve put the question to AAD Eric Roedl for clarification.

7/23/2013: Unverified rumor down at the UO faculty club beach cabana is that UO is going to add this, the latest NCAA women’s sport. They call it “Sand Volleyball”, video here. I’m on the Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, which Rob Mullens is supposed to consult before adding new sports. This is the first I’ve heard. Maybe it’ll be the tit-for-tat for an end to the jock box and Mac Court bond subsidies? Or Kilkenny just got bored with watching baseball and competitive cheerleading?

Meanwhile, if you’re curious about how much of the bill for Mike Glazier’s fees on the Kelly/Lyles investigation UO’s academic side had to pay, it took15 days just to get an estimate from UO Public Records, and it ain’t cheap:

The University of Oregon has received your public records request for “(Existing) documentation revealing all sources of the funds used to compensate the law firm retained by the University of Oregon in connection with the recently completed NCAA investigation of the school’s football program; andWith reference to the preceding request, existing documentation which identifies all persons who participated in the decision that University of Oregon would incur such expense (involve counsel in the first instance and be “represented” within the investigation)” on 07/08/2013, attached. The office has at least some documents responsive to your request.  By this email, the office is providing you with an estimate to respond to your requests.

The office estimates the actual cost of responding to your request to be $523.98. 

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31 Responses to Who pays Glazier, and Duck Beach Sand Volleyball developments

  1. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. UO Matters says:

    I deleted the comment above because it was potentially offensive to prospective UO students who might play this sport.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! Then you going to have to delete most of your website because it’s generally offensive to someone out there! But nobody can now accuse you of not at least attempting a semblance of political correctness.

    • UO Matters says:

      I’ve drawn a line in the sand on this one. Sorry. Let’s all stick to offending the adults.

    • Anonymous says:

      HaHa! The adults are the ones making the uniforms!

    • Anonymous says:

      Student athletes are and should be offended that Mullens was selling their old uniforms. If others don’t know about it, they should be made aware of it and, yes, offended.

    • Anas clypeata says:

      I hope the comment was not in reference to your use of an English expression commonly rendered in Latin as “quid pro quo”, because some people might make an inappropriate connection between one of the syllables in that English expression and the mental picture conjured by the idea of women’s sand volleyball. And we wouldn’t want anyone to make that inappropriate connection, would we?

      After all, the NCAA knows that violence sells, regardless of the consequence (and lack of recompense) to its victims, so why not sell sex too?

      You can go ahead and delete me now. I just couldn’t resist.

    • UO Matters says:

      I am shocked at your suggestion I might have intended to arouse a prurient interest. I used a technical term from economic game-theory, popularized by seminal (or ovarian, if you prefer) work by Trivers and Rapoport and Axelrod.

      I would file a “hostile workplace” complaint against you for posting this comment on my blog, except by your screen name everyone already knows that you are a bottom feeding animal ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      Does UO have a “Sarcastic Workplace” policy?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Only UOM would use sex and volleyball to get people to read yet another post about public records!

    • Anonymous says:

      I can see all the admins lining up their beach volleyball tickets already. Just to support he student athletes, of course.

  5. More opportunities for women in college sports? That’s actually something that I can support the UO on…

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Berdahl started making the jocks start paying the full cost in Feb 2012”

    Thanks, UOM.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lisa Peterson? Really?

  8. Anonymous says:

    A 40 minute “consult?” Yea, that was a really serious consult all right. They’ve made their decision, and it’s all about justifying it at this point. Fat chance that the media’s going to let them float the idea without at least some fight., though.

    How much is UO’s facility going to run? I put money on $20m. The players will get nothing, of course.

  9. The Truth says:

    Absolutely pathetic that they are too scared to “justify” themselves unless it’s confidential. Who is Peterson a lackey for? Mullens? Kilkenny? Knight? All of the above? I hope she’s getting paid well to sacrifice her integrity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Totally understand the position you are in, however why should they expect ANY of this to be “secret”? Doesn’t Mullens yet realize that when they go cloak and dagger the outcome is much worse? Dumb.

    I suspect this is another $5 million ‘zen forest’ type donation only this time directed toward old men with issues in an attempt to anesthetize them into giving more towards the next venture, whatever THAT may be. A version of virgins in paradise only wildly tame and viewed from afar.

  11. Awesome0 says:

    The main cost of the project is the imported sand which will be a unique hybrid from beaches from the Algarve in Portugal, Hawaii, Maldives, and Seychelles.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ve got it all wrong, I’m afraid. Yes, we will have each of those sands represented, but we just don’t do hybrid. Rather, we rotate them, allowing faculty to volunteer between each match, switching out the sands to Gottfredson’s and Mullens’ mutual satisfaction. Bring your own shovels, of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ridiculous rumors. The fact is that the central admins must first visit each of these beaches and conduct careful inspections of the sand, in situ.

  12. Angry old lady says:

    Beach Volleyball…..hummmm. Begs to ask the question. Is Nike going to now rape our Oregon beaches to build a eye popping beach in the valley so he can name it after yet another family member and go down in history as the man who changed the geography of Oregon beaches for his university?

    NO WAIT! He will have sand imported from some far off land that has only one kind of sand…. soft, white and cheep…yeah that’s more like it. The finest sand in the world for his university.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sand volleyball is awesome. One of the best sports in the last few Olympics as a matter of fact. I hope it does come to Oregon and I hope the facility is top notch.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t sound like UO’s AD…
    “It’s fairly simple to add,” she said, “it’s pretty inexpensive, it’s pretty easy for schools to do it at a time when we don’t have a ton of resources.”
    More like Frances Dyke and UO’s Public Safety – and then, surprise!