Ducks now more transparent than Johnson Hall

8/7/2013: Want to get a copy of the Duck game contracts? Less than 24 hours turnaround, and no fee:

Nicholls State Game Contract
Requester: Stites, Sam
Organization: Register Guard
Initial Request Date: 08/06/2013Status: Records Provided
Request Completion Date: 08/06/2013
a request for the “football game contract” or other similar document or documents between the University of Oregon and Nicholls State for the game scheduled August 31, 2013, that includes the terms and conditions, compensation, officials and telecast agreement for the game.

Want to get a copy of the contracts and job descriptions for Lorraine Davis and Jim Bean? It’ll take weeks. Want to find out how/if Randy Geller’s office is auditing the $100,000’s in HLGR invoices? All told I’ve now been waiting 2 months for info on this. What are they hiding?

Dear Ms Thornton and Mr. Geller: 

Thank your for the response below. 

It seems entirely unreasonable for UO to charge $322.12 just to release the name of the person in Randy Geller’s office that is responsible for monitoring HLGR invoices, though after 50 days on this one request, I do get the idea that it must be a sensitive question. 

So, please just send me the most recent public record that is responsive to my 6/4/2013 request for  

“any audits done by the UO General Counsel’s office, and any documents showing questions about rates, expenses, work effort, time-keeping or other similar issues, and their resolution, for invoices submitted for this work by HLGR.” 

Surely that can’t take more than an hour.

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3 Responses to Ducks now more transparent than Johnson Hall

  1. Anonymous says:

    Honest question: is it possible that they have better things to do with their time than respond to your public records requests?

    • UO Matters says:

      Honest answer: Ever since the Bellotti fiasco JH has had a $240K a year office to respond to what amounts to less than one request per day total from reporters, contractors, students, faculty, etc. They spend more time trying not to provide records than they do trying to provide them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honest observation: UO M, Keep up the good work!!