6 Responses to Cavaliers crush Ducks!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this.

  2. Thedude says:

    Couple of open rank positions in the JOE at UVA. Sadly, even the assistant professor salaries might be higher the a full professor salary at UO. Is that the same thing as their 3rd string red shirt freshman beating our established upper classman? Maybe if we start making salary comparisons in this manner (in football terminology or allegories) at the bargaining table, the administration can finally understand us.

  3. Michael Dreiling says:

    This once again affirms why the initiative by Lariviere (with Coltrane and Tomlin) was sensible and why Gottfredson is now presented with an opportunity (at the initiative of our faculty union) to work with faculty and finish what was started – or at least sincerely move us in that sensible direction with the four-pronged salary proposal of United Academics (http://uauoregon.org/statement-on-our-salary-proposals).