University of Nike logo contest

9/13/2013: See below for rules and the Supreme Court ruling on parody. Email your entry to

Entry #4:


Entry #2:

Entry #1:

Soon to be valuable collectors item – the Original U of Nike cup:

U of Nike coffee cup sales are lagging, probably because they are so damn ugly. I’m opening a contest for a logo. Winner gets a free cup with your design, and absolute anonymity. In order to “promote and encourage excellence and innovation” and in keeping with UO Article 51, all submissions become the intellectual property of the University of Nike, dot com.

Email your hi-resolution jpg or similar to Contest closes when we’re out of scotch.

Need some inspiration? A helpful UO law alum points readers to UO’s 165 page style manual. (Did UO really pay $300,000 for the Melior font?) Page 87 is below. At UO these are only for use by the Athletics Department. But here at the U of Nike we’re responsible to a higher authority:

The Supreme Court has unequivocally held that a parody may qualify as fair use
under § 107. According to the Court, a parody is the “use of some elements of a
prior author’s composition to create a new one that, at least in part, comments on
that author’s works.” Id. at 580. Like other forms of comment or criticism,
parody can provide social benefit, “by shedding light on an earlier work, and, in
the process, creating a new one.”

So, have at it:

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8 Responses to University of Nike logo contest

  1. Dept of Latin American Studies, U of Nike says:

    For those submitting logos, the proper Latin translation of “We smoked it all” is “Id Omne Fumavimus”.

    If you’re wondering what that is in Spanish, I suggest you contact the Classics Department.

  2. Anonymous says:

    modo fac looks good to me.

    Professor of Latin, University of North Ike

    • Anonymous says:

      So – would “Onmia Fumabamus” translate into “We smoked it all”?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well. literally, “we were smoking everything,” which is a fine slogan too, but doesn’t quite reflect the situation of the car and the herb, at least as I recall the way it was reported.

    • A Beaver says:

      The U of Nike has its first academic fight. Typical.

      Can this be resolved in your faculty Senate, or will it have to go to the Board of Trustees?

    • UO Matters says:

      The University of Nike is still accepting nominations for its Board, but the word down at the faculty club is that this will be resolved with sabers.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do we upload/send/submit entries?