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VPAA Barbara Altmann tells faculty to take the goat, get back to work

Update #27 September 9, 2013

It’s Time To Shift Focus Back To Educating Our Students
Contract negotiations between the University and the faculty union, United Academics, ended Friday without a union response to the salary proposal the University put on the table earlier in the week.
That’s disappointing, …
The leadership of United Academics has repeatedly said it wants to do what’s best for the UO and its students and faculty. Now is the time for the union to demonstrate that commitment.

Barbara Altmann, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor of French

If you have any questions about the contract negotiations, please contact me at [email protected] or (541) 346-2172.


  1. Anonymous 09/10/2013

    So, the union is the only one that has to demonstrate a commitment?

  2. Anonymous 09/10/2013

    Logical fallacy by University Professor.

    Headline assumes focus was ever shifted away from educating students because of negotiations. News flash – faculty can do many important things simultaneously. Like negotiate and educate students.

  3. Anonymous 09/10/2013

    Now that’s a little disingenuous now, isn’t it Barbara?

    Oh, and saying that you want to do what is best and actually following through… the difference has never been so evident as it is this week.

  4. Thedude 09/10/2013

    How long did they usually take to make counter proposals to our proposals…..

  5. Anonymous 09/10/2013

    This is not from Barbara. Barbara is being held prisoner in a cell underneath JH. Do not believe anything posted under her name, unless she is holding a current copy of the Chronicle of Higher Education. And then watch her eyes carefully, to see is she is blinking T O R T U R E in morse code.

    • UO Matters 09/10/2013

      Thanks for the tip, Admiral Stockdale.

  6. Anonymous 09/10/2013

    Shift Focus Back To Educating Our Students? You think that’s all you have to say to avoid a walk out? Tell your boss that we’re not as cheap as you think we are, Barbara.

    • UO Matters 09/10/2013

      Have you no sense of decency, Sir?

      Ms Altmann is being held prisoner. Any messages under her name are actually from Geller and his anti-union consultants. More will be revealed after our Delta Force team successfully completes its extraction mission, and mops up with a few public records requests.

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