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UO to start sports apparel management program?

11/3/13: Alan Brettman of the Oregonian has the story:

The University of Oregon is exploring the creation of a sporting goods product-management program at its Portland campus, addressing what officials believe is a glaring need for the footwear and apparel-dominated local industry. 

Ellen Schmidt-Devlin, who worked for nearly three decades at Nike and has been an adjunct instructor of sports business the past three years at UO’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, has been leading the effort to assess demand in Portland.

Seems like a natural for University of Nike Oregon, and perhaps a use for the White Stag building, the lease for which runs about $2.4M a year. This will have to go through the UO Senate CoC and Undergraduate Council for approval. Here’s hoping they ask some tough questions about the cost. Rumor has it that Jim Bean is working on this, which won’t be cheap.


  1. Anonymous 11/03/2013

    At least it’s a potential revenue generator.

  2. Anonymous 11/04/2013

    Actually could be good if executed right.

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