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Admin to fund raises for grants

The union CBA says research faculty will get raises. The administration signed the CBA. The research faculty *will* get their raises. This memo from VP for Research  Espy explains that the money will not come from UO’s research fund – it will come from VP for Finance Moffitt’s emergency fund. $300K. Hell, that’s less than the cost of a Bean.


  1. Glad 12/03/2013

    Probably a good idea, but oNly a vp for research like espy would describe instructional revenues held back centrally from instructional units as savings to your unit.

  2. Dr. Temperance Brennan 12/03/2013

    What? Let me explain to y’all: “careful analysis and review provided by the office for Research, Innovation and Graduate Education (RIGE) and Unclassified Personnel Services (UPS), university
    leadership has agreed to….”
    In English: they lifted 857 goats from the bottom of Rudnick’s dry well (just behind JH) and sold them at the holiday market for $350 …

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