DA makes UO release redacted athletics/Nike data

Matthew Kish has an excellent story in the Portland Business Journal about payments from Nike to UO athletics department’s employees. This stuff has conflict of interest all over it. I wonder how much Lorraine Davis gets?

As Ted Sickinger reported in the Oregonian last year, these sorts of payments were part of the reason for Mike Bellotti’s record breaking $500K a year PERS scam. And now it seems that UO is doing everything it can to hide what’s going on with Rob Mullens and the rest of Ducks:

Employees of NCAA-regulated athletic departments are required to file an annual report that lists income received from non-university sources. As part of its ongoing investigation of the footwear and apparel contracts of university athletic departments, the Business Journal filed public records requests for copies of the forms for employees at each university with a football team ranked in the Associated Press top 25 as of late September.

Roughly half of the universities provided the Business Journal records. Some universities have not responded, while others, including the University of Oregon, Oregon State UniversityOklahoma State University and the University of Nebraska, cited state public records laws and denied the Business Journal access to documents.

The University of Oregon cited a provision of state law that prohibits the release of personnel records when it denied the Business Journal’s initial request for the outside-income reports of athletic department employees.

After the Business Journal appealed the decision to the Lane County district attorney, the university agreed to release redacted documents that list Nike compensation by athletic program.

The names of employees who receive compensation from Nike have been redacted.

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