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Online education raises serious challenge to AAU research university model

Watch it all –


  1. Vlad 12/20/2013

    Yes, just like records and then CDs have killed the market for live performance.

  2. flyonawall 12/20/2013

    That’s pretty funny.

    I didn’t realize this whole thing was a joke until about 2 minutes in.

    Bubble in the thoughcoin market!!

    “Technically if you have a credit card, you’re already enrolled.”


  3. ihatelaserbeams 12/22/2013

    This is absolutely fantastic. I had assumed that MOOCs were the end for “universities” and “colleges”. I mean, seriously, which word would you rather say? MOOC? unahversaty? Please. MOOC sounds funner.

    And everyone likes to profit.

  4. lol 12/22/2013

    ”and I love my students”’ ha ha so creepy.
    and what an ending! thanks for a (disturbing) laugh.

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