Problems with retroactive 1.5% ?

The person who forwarded this email thinks it relates to faculty who should have got the first 1.5% retroactive payment on their summer pay, but didn’t:

Dear University of Oregon Faculty Member:

As you are likely aware, the United Academics Collective Bargaining Agreement took effect this last month.  This resulted in an across the board increase of 1.5%, retroactive to January 1st of this calendar year.  You are receiving this message because you are likely missing some or all of the pay for that retroactive increase.  We apologize for this delay.  Unfortunately, our office was not able to complete all of our processes in order to have all of the retro pay applied to the November pay check.  We are continuing to process these payments, and anticipate them to be complete by Friday, 12/6/13.  Deposits processed on 12/6/13 should be deposited to bank accounts by Tuesday 12/10/13.  If you are expecting an additional payment, and do not see it in your account by the morning of 12/10/13, please contact Chad Hartvigsen at or by phone at 6-1106.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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