Geller to enshrine double standard in UO legal services policy?

If you’re a coach like Chip Kelly who gets caught promising a “street agent” like Willie Lyles $50,000 to help recruit football players, UO General Counsel Randy Geller will spend $150K on outside lawyers, and then pay the NCAA fine for you.

But if you’re a UO faculty member like law professor Merle Weiner, who gets sued because of something you wrote in an academic journal, you’re on your own. Now Geller wants to enshrine that double standard in the official UO policy on legal services. His latest redactions to the Senate’s policy proposal:

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 7.31.50 PM

Senate President Margie Paris chairs the committee that is trying to reign rein in Geller. She will report on how she’s doing at the Senate meeting this Wednesday.

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6 Responses to Geller to enshrine double standard in UO legal services policy?

  1. anon says:

    wow. what a sack of shit.

  2. Old Grey Mare says:

    It’s rein in, not reign in. But rein him in and end his reign. What hypocrisy.

  3. uomatters says:

    To “The Truth”: Sorry, I’ve deleted your comment about Mr. Geller. It was just a little bit too true.

  4. Go Margie! says:

    That is all.

  5. It’s also worth noting that when the *administrators* at the University, including Paul Shang, the Dean of Students, were sued for engaging in racketeering activities in 2011, the University paid for 100% of their legal bills (which were over $40K at the OR DOJ and who knows how much more Hershner Hunter charged them when they took overt the case).

    The University later settled the racketeering case out of court.

    So, the lesson here is that for administrators, engaging in criminal behavior is part of the scope of employment. However, publishing is, bizarrely, actually not part of the scope of employment for faculty.

  6. Nobody says:

    Interesting. I heard that the OA who was fired from neuro back last year was on her own, to the tune of >$5k, for an attorney when she was questioned by whomever was questioning/auditing and that all of the PIs were given UO paid attorneys for the same questions…