Faculty union files grievance over delays in pay

2/5/2014 update, from an email sent to the UO faculty UO faculty union bargaining unit members from the union:

The contract language is clear: “All bargaining unit faculty members hired on or before June 30, 2012 will receive a salary increase equal to 1.5% of salary effective January 1, 2013.”

The university administration, however, has effectively denied this raise to many faculty members. Our efforts to resolve this issue informally have not worked, so we filed a grievance on behalf of all faculty who did not receive that increase to their base salary. This will be the first test of our new grievance process. We are confident that this process will compel the administration to honor the contract and grant faculty the raises that were negotiated.

What would Sharon Rudnick do if “The University” was this late in paying her invoices? Meanwhile, President Gottfredson has been much quicker – and more generous – in paying Tim Gleason. I wonder what his next blog post will say about that?:

1/21/2014: UO pays Tim Gleason $12,000 per blog post, while faculty lose $8,000 a month.

Latest Gleason post makes no mention of the administration’s delays in paying faculty raises.

1/19/2014: Former UO Journalism Dean is getting paid $218K a year by Gottfredson and Coltrane to communicate with the UO faculty about union contract implementation, and consult on “communication strategies and brand management”. But Gleason can’t even figure out how to use WordPress. His official UO contract implementation blog is here. It’s a mess – broken links, silly formatting, and inconsistent tags. Gleason’s blog handle is “UO CBA implementation team” – see the bottom of the screenshot. He’s been on the job for 2.5 months now, at more than $18K a month. Let’s round down, add OPE, and call it $60,000. I count 5 blog posts, so $12,000 per.

Meanwhile the latest rumor is that the administration has still not figured out how to pay the faculty the second round of raises. Your January paycheck will probably include the second 1.5% ATB raise, and it may include a raise from the 2013 2% merit pool, depending on your college. But it will probably *not* include the retroactive lump-sum payment of the raises for the months since July 2013. The administration has known they would have to pay this for almost a year – it was part of Rudnick’s March 2013 economic proposal – but apparently their accountants are overwhelmed with figuring out the sinecures for Gleason, Bean, and Frohnmayer.

The faculty will get that retroactive money eventually, but how much is UO saving by the delays? Including retirement contributions, the union payroll is about $10M a month, and 3.5% of that is $350K. Assume that Jamie Moffitt earns 5% a year on her reserves, ignore the 2012 ATB which was also late and offset that by counting Sept and Oct even though the CBA hadn’t been implemented:

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 12.38.36 AM

The cost to you will vary according to your cost of credit, but the PERS contributions the university hasn’t been making on these raises would have earned 7.75%. If you’re in stocks via the ORP, you missed out on a fat fall quarter. Meanwhile UO has saved $18K so far by delaying the retroactive payments, and will save another $8K if they can push them off until the end of February. That will be almost enough to pay for half of Gleason’s salary:

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 12.55.58 AM


Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 5.07.33 PM

Gleason’s mission:

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 5.21.25 PM

Full contract here.

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16 Responses to Faculty union files grievance over delays in pay

  1. Hen says:

    I hear that the folks below the CBA minimum of $36,000 p.a. have not seen the appropriate raises. The math isn’t hard people, no percentages involved.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    It occurs to Uncle Bernie that if he is not in the union, he may have gotten those raises expeditiously.

    • All Philled Up says:

      Or not. Another perspective is that it took 5+ years and the union to get those raises out for many. It’s not all that surprising it’s taking them a while to figure it out – they are out of practice.

  3. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    I don’t get it. I had heard that ORP faculty hadn’t gotten these raises yet. I’m ORP and I started getting mine as of May 2013, first increment, with another injection later. 1.5% each time.

  4. uomatters says:

    Point taken, thanks.

  5. Oryx says:

    UOM: If you’re going to scold the administration for referring to itself as “The University,” as you should, you shouldn’t write things like: “from an email sent to the UO faculty from the union.” Many of us faculty are not in the bargaining unit. In my neighborhood, _most_ faculty are not in the bargaining unit. We don’t get these emails. The bargaining unit isn’t “the faculty” any more than the administration is “the university.”

  6. Anon says:

    How the hell can it take 4 months to figure out how to pay raises? JH oozes contempt for the faculty at every pore.

    Has the union filed a grievance?

    • One Eyed Pinhead says:

      Grievance – HA! I posted about this on UOM before the holidays, and Union Reps (presumably) responded that this was not an issue.
      If the floors are not in the January paycheck, let’s organize a warn-strike. Everyone in the Union takes a sick day on the first Wednesday in February. Or whichever day causes the most embarrassment to JH. Enough with the niceties, already. If they want us to play hardball, we can. Let’s make some noise.

      • All Philled Up says:

        Union filed the grievance. It’s just prudent to understand the facts before filing a grievance – increases the chances of winning.

      • Snow Day says:

        One-eyed – Why would you presume that you posting something on a blog should cause someone to take action?

  7. TRP says:

    Thanks for that tip Mr. Canine. In 2013 I got the goat and the first 1.5% COLA and a retroactive payment for that, but it shows nothing for the 2nd COLA, or for merit. This is now thousands of dollars. Is Lorraine Davis also having trouble getting paid?

    • dog says:

      actually if your on TRP, as possible indicated by your screen name, then I know that’s all screwed up at the moment. Personally I am waiting to go on TRP after this gets unscrewed

  8. dog says:

    I believe the January paycheck will include retroactive
    for 3.5 months (i.e. back to Sept 16) but I do not think
    it will cover the full retroactive back to July 1. As i have said
    before, there seems to have been little consideration to
    the fact that summer salary is actually different than AY
    salary. Some grants can’t be retroactive – other forms of
    summer salary can.

    Also, please note this, as of Monday Jan 13 you can go on duckweb and find your FY 14 salary, coded as starting Jan 1.
    That salary should have the FY 13 and FY 14 corrections applied to it so you can check if they did it right in your own individual cases.

    • Anonymous says:

      Any help on how to see this on duckweb?

      • uomatters says:

        Log on, go to Employee Information, then Job Record Changes, then the row with no end date. You should find a 1.5% raise for Nov 1 2013, and another for Jan 1 2014. That should be a combination of the second 1.5% ATB and your merit increase, if any.

        To see the goat and the lump-sum payments for Nov, go to Employee Information, Pay Information, Earnings statements.

        You should be able to see the January lump-sum payments, if any, in your January earnings statement, which should be posted in a week or so.

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