Provost Coltrane credits faculty union for raises and UO hiring successes

It’s very promising to finally hear some non-confrontational talk from UO’s leadership about the positive effects of the faculty union:

UO full, associate and assistant professors make an average of $90,000 — $20,000 less than the AAU average, according to 2012-13 data from UO Office of Institutional Research. …

Coltrane said that one of the UO’s goals is to be more competitive in salaries. The collective bargaining agreement signed last year is the first step in doing so. The agreement guarantees smaller, but more frequent salary increases for faculty. Faculty will receive a total of three raises this year, each increasing by 1.5 percent of the base salary. In addition to the raises, faculty can also receive merit raises, though the process varies by department.

“How we get good at research is by hiring good faculty. That’s what it’s all about,” Coltrane said.

Jennifer Hernandez has an excellent, comprehensive story in the ODE, with a lot of other good quotes, more about NTTF contract improvements, and starting off with a depressing beer-barrel graphic, here.

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