State Bar’s ethics panel flubs another one

Regular readers may remember that I filed an ethics complaint with the Oregon State Bar about Randy Geller and Sharon Rudnick last year. Denied. Oh well, at least they did a thorough investigation, right? Well, now it turns out that Bar’s ethics committee is hilariously incompetent. They just tried to put attorney Liane Inkster, f.k.a Liane Richardson, on their disciplinary committee. Then, as Christian Wihtol reports, they got schooled by the RG:

The state bar, based in Tigard, said it had been unaware of Inkster’s tumultuous history last year as Lane County administrator until bar staff read about it at on Tuesday.

In addition to withdrawing Inkster’s name from nomination to the volunteer board, the bar is “opening up a disciplinary investigation” into Inkster’s conduct at the county last year, bar spokeswoman Kateri Walsh said. Inkster is an attorney and a member of the bar, which licenses and regulates attorney conduct.

Inkster was unaninmously fired last August by the Lane County commissioners from her job as administrator for increasing her pay in violation of county policy and being “untruthful” to an investigator the county hired to look into her conduct.

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2 Responses to State Bar’s ethics panel flubs another one

  1. Christian Hill says:

    It’s Liane, not Diane.