UO Foundation assets hit $600M

Great news – the Daily Emerald has the story, here. Not clear how much of this is for athletics, e.g. Knight’s ~$125M “Legacy Fund” or the $5M Robin Jaqua endowment that Johnson Hall let the jocks hijack.

The recent OUS audit of the Foundation – with a weird $7M exception apparently related to coach’s retirements – is here: https://uomatters.com/2014/01/foundation-releases-irs-990-report-for-2012-13-2.html

For a tax-exempt non-profit, the UO Foundation releases very little data on how they spend money. Their IRS 990 was due 5 months ago, but they keep asking for extensions. I’m guessing they’ll release it on the last possible day: 5/15/2014.

They did release this info for the 2013 AY. It’s incomplete, but shows $21M for athletics, $723K for research.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 12.09.29 AM

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2 Responses to UO Foundation assets hit $600M

  1. Leporello says:

    $21M for athletics vs $723K for research. That says it all.