RG features sustainable cities cluster of excellence

8/3/2014: RG features sustainable cities cluster of excellence:

Diane Dietz in the RG, here.

7/17/2014: RG features UO nano-science cluster

Diane Dietz has the story here:

A lot of the work is done on nanoparticles, which are 1/50,000th the width of a human hair and can only be imaged and manipulated by high-tech equipment resting on bedrock for stability in the underground Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon , or CAMCOR.

7/13/2014: UO faculty recruiting relies on wrath of Vulcan, angry God of Fire

Diane Dietz of the RG has the story on the volcanology cluster hires here:

Recruiting won’t be a problem, Wallace said, because … Crater Lake, Mount Hood, Newberry, Three Sisters, Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, Glacier Peak and Mount Baker — all are on the U.S. Geological Survey’s list of volcanos most likely to blow and endanger people.

7/6/2014: RG on Ken Prehoda lab

Diane Dietz’s report here, part of a series on the “clusters of excellence”. Here’s hoping the UOPD gives a pass on the champagne drinking!

More cluster info here.

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