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Dana Altman’s lax recruiting practices continue, where’s Lorraine Davis?

Last updated on 09/18/2014

9/17/2014: Justin Wise has the story in the ODE, here. After Brandon Austin you’d think Dana Altman would be a little more careful vetting his players, but apparently 2 of his new recruits have failed to meet UO’s academic standards (or those of the notoriously lax NCAA). No word if Lorraine Davis’s Special Athletic Admits Committee approved them. The IAC will take up a resolution tomorrow (below) to appoint a member to her committee.

9/16/2014: Kim Sheehan to report to Senate IAC on PAGIA activities

The day after he finally collected the EPD report on the basketball rape allegations, Mike Gottfredson told the UO Senate he was doing an end-run on shared governance by replacing the Senate Intercollegiate Athletics Committee with his own self-appointed advisory group, the President’s Advisory Group on Intercollegiate Athletics, to be chaired by Prof Kim Sheehan (Advertising), who is also an elected member of the IAC.

The Senate is not taking this lying down, and the IAC will have its first public meeting of this year Thursday at 10AM, in room 142 HEDCO. The agenda includes a report from Sheehan on the PAGIA:



Thursday, September 18

10:00 Introductions
10:10 Chair: State of the IAC
10:15 What are we doing here? Our Charge. A discussion.
10:40 Kim Sheehan: Intro to PAGIA (President’s Advisory Group
on Intercollegiate Athletics). Questions.
10.55 IAC letter to AD Mullens and Pres. Coltrane
11:00 General discussion of issues:
— reaction to the letter
– discussion regarding the absence of Athletics personnel at our meetings
11:30 BREAK
11:50 Chair: updates on hire of A&T coach, golf course, softball field.
12: 00 Administrative business:
— Bill Harbaugh: motion to revise language on the IAC website
— Motion to appoint the acting Senate President as an ex-officio member of the IAC
12: 20 Old business – motions from last year
— That the IAC ask President Gottfredson to appoint a faculty member of the IAC to the “Special Athletics Admits Group”. Additionally, ask that that group meet and communicate with IAC.
— That the IAC request the Athletics Department and coaches provide documentation on Student-Athlete suspension.
12:40 More open discussion
1:00 Done


  1. Kim Sheehan 09/18/2014

    Please note I am also an elected member of the IAC. Thank you.

    • uomatters Post author | 09/18/2014

      Thanks, added.

  2. Anonymous 09/18/2014

    I’ll ask again: what’s wrong with Brandon Austin?

    • Anonymous 09/18/2014

      Nothing at all, so long as you are a white, male, UO alum who spends more than $100/year on Nike-brand UO apparel.

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