Busted Duck athlete had assault and battery prior

10/6/2014 update: No wonder Rob Mullens tried to keep this one out of the papers too. KATU has some potentially bad news for Dana Altman’s future net worth, here.

KATU pulled court records showing [student] was found guilty of assault and battery, disorderly conduct and vandalism in his home state of Wisconsin about four years ago. Abdul-Bassit’s record before the theft citation is clean.

But here’s Altman’s contract. It looks like Mullens gave him a pretty lax termination for cause clause:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.57.28 PM

So I’m guessing Uncle Phil’s going to have to pay for an even bigger buyout than Gottfredson’s.

10/4/2014: Coach Altman gets $1.35M. His players get zip. Guess who’s shoplifting food?

RG story here.

The last we heard from Duck basketball coach Dana Altmann the NCAA was refusing to believe that two of his prized recruits had the academic credentials to enter college. That’s right, his standards are lower than the NCAA’s.

The time before that, he was being interviewed about gang rape allegations involving three of his transfer students. The DA believed it happened, but he didn’t think he could convince a jury it was rape. And now two more of Altman’s transfer students have been arrested, for stealing food from the grocery store across the street from Phil Knight’s $235M Matt Court Arena.

Altman is a desperate coach who has lost control. Rob Mullens needs to get rid of him before he does any more damage to UO.

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18 Responses to Busted Duck athlete had assault and battery prior

  1. nonny says:

    Oh, let him stay and stew in the season he’s created. They took care of it internally? HA!

    LESSON: you can shoplift, get caught and arrested and the UO disciplines “internally”. OR, you can get involved sexually and get accused of assault with no sure proof, no arrest and not only lose your scholarship and get kicked out of school but be slandered and defamed by the school administration and fan faithful.

    No wonder they attempted some simple stealing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can you explain exactly what you mean by this post? There was proof of rape but the DA chose not prosecute because he couldn’t get a conviction. The fact that he chose not to at least arrest these guys was disgusting. Further, stealing from a store is not on the same ethical, moral, or legal plane as assault and rape. The fact that the rape wasn’t handled externally doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have been handled internally. In fact, that’s one of the problems. The fact that the stealing is going to be handled internally and externally. makes sense.

      • nonny says:

        What is there to explain?

        You say there was proof of rape but others say there was proof it was consensual. Don’t forget the DA is also a politician, and whether your like it or not, they weren’t charged.

        And how exactly did you determine stealing is not on the same ethical or moral or legal plane as assault or rape? Remember: it’s “alleged assault and rape”–not fact, legally. For the shoplifters, they were caught in the act which equals a guilty fact. Right? The whole external/internal thing is a red herring and gives the AD a little breathing room.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nonny obviously has never been raped. Otherwise he/she would know on how many planes stealing is different. And UOM should consider posting trigger warnings. You know, for those of us following this blog for the news and who also happen to have been raped. Or do we first need to provide proof the rape really happened?

          • nonny says:

            Oh please. You are trolling behind supposed anonymous rape and victimization claims. You’ve got a long way to go if you are blogging and need “trigger warnings”. “Planes” of illegality? Pfft.

            You asked a question, and it’s too bad you can’t stick around, put aside your reactions and have a rational discussion.

          • Anonymous 1 says:

            Actually the second anonymous comment — to which I can’t “reply” is a different person than me — the first anonymous person. I guess I’m still unclear why you think that stealing is the same as assault in terms of ethics, morals, or the law. Your original post seems to imply not only your views of this particular case but also those more broadly. Your answer above indicates that you are only focused on this case. When I say they are not the same ethically, I mean that property is not equal to human life. When I say the law, I mean stealing is a different class of misdemeanor or felony than the felony of assault.

            Further, we should probably be clear about evidence and proof. I really meant that there is evidence that the students raped this woman. The DA chose not to prosecute because he felt he couldn’t prove it. I find it horrible that he didn’t prosecute or even arrest these guys.

            Finally, a drunk or high person can’t give consent. Whatever happened, she couldn’t give consent in her condition.

            Well, that wasn’t finally…finally, if you read her report and had even assaulted in any way…I think you would give a lot more credence to this “evidence”. I don’t know whether the issue is that I’ve been assaulted, but there was no question in my mind that it happened the way she said. Many women I know have been groped, raped or “date raped” in their teens or 20s. Remember, the recent study is 1 out 10 female students have been RAPED on our campus.

          • nonny says:

            Thank you for your reply with expanded thought. The second anonymous is a resident troll that pops up from time to time and thinks he’s actually anonymous.

            Anyway, my original comments were superficial and not nearly as in-depth as yours. I agree with many of your points. But, let me explain that my original comment was based on the juxtaposition of 2 players caught and determined to be guilty, (and now we find out they went to court last week and got preferred treatment), and 3 others who eventually were not charged, whether anyone likes it or not. Our feelings and opinions, at this point, count not at all except in forming future opinon or maybe future actions by others.

            The irony here is exquisite. Those not legally charged and therefore not guilty have their scholarships taken away and were expelled from school, their names tainted and their future careers potentially damaged. They were run through the media-mill of exposure.

            These 2 shoplifters? Well, we must trust that Altman actually hasn’t completely sold his soul and actually will perform some “internal” discipline. I don’t buy it because a 6 game suspension during the non-conference season is crap– and that’s likely something they’ll get.

            As to the difference between assault and shoplifting, yes of course they are on different levels. BUT … the 3 are not legally guilty. Frankly, I draw the line at legality, period. If my players violate the law there may be degrees of punishment but there is definitely some real serious consequences and not “oh, it’s just shoplifting … so what”. And I stand by my statement that the whole internal/external thing is a red herring designed to end the discussion.

          • Anonymous 1 says:

            Okay, that is much clearer. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I now understand where you are coming from. We have different viewpoints but I agree with you in many ways.

  2. Dana Altman's shtick says:

    has been using his Eagle Scout looks to convince the mothers of troubled players that he’d keep them out of trouble. That game has been gone since the rape news broke. Soon he will be too, and with a much bigger buyout than Mike Gottfredson got. Suck it up, Ducks.

    • nonny says:

      Right, and then there’s the next coaching salary.

      But, you know that Mr. Got Rocks will spend as much as he needs to in order to get a coach that fits the PR image-of-the-moment. Since the boy scout candidate has failed in winning at all costs, who on the dark side with enough glitz will risk their reputation by deigning to come to small town Eugene? Nothing will happen this close to the season.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for reposting this press conference. How did Altman keep his job after this?

    • Anonymous says:

      During a similar press conference, the UO administration practically sprinted to the podium to tell reporters that Altman wasn’t going anywhere. They weren’t sure what the facts were, but they were damn sure they were keeping their basketball coach. Guess Gottfredson got to learn first hand who’s really important around here, huh?

  4. charlie says:

    Can’t put this all on your coach. The AD always tells us of their independence, that they are the University of Nike, which means not a lack of institutional control, there is no institutional control. JH and the entire U Of Owe, including alumni, student body, any one who could have said something, relinquished that a long time ago. Way too easy to pin this on Altman, cowardly, as well.

  5. FYI says:

    His players don’t get “zip”, and who says they were shoplifting food??

  6. Anon says:

    Actually, Dana Altman gets $1.8M, plus those NCAA rape game bonuses. And Rob Mullens renewed his contract last year. Buying him out will cost $8M.

  7. Hippo says:

    More “disappointment” from this dood over his players’ messes. Maybe if he lost his job his pulse might beat a little bit more than “disappointed”?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Damn that headline had me hoping that it was Altman who’d been busted for shoplifting instead of just his “student-athletes”.