Faculty party rumor central

Updated in real-time as reports from the faculty parties roll in. Send your unverified rumors and overheard gossip to uomatters at gmail dot com. I’ll post when I’ve finished my Martini. Or just add a comment.

10/3/2014, 7:47 PM: Reports of Interim President Coltrane’s competency continue to roll in:

  1. An unverified rumor that he actually met with students for an unscripted Q&A.
  2. I saw him with my own eyes listening to Jennifer Freyd’s campus climate report at the City Club.
  3. Campus email asking for input for a 360 degree review of an administrator – a minor one, not a JH player like Robin Holmes, but it’s a start.
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2 Responses to Faculty party rumor central

  1. Dog says:

    I have had two meetings with President Coltrane in the last few weeks. Not sure anything will come of it, particularly my idea of dog statutes on campus as monuments to myself (hey its better than the current element branding on our sidewalks …) , but can say that a) he does listen, b) he is approachable, and c) he takes good notes so there is some continuity. This is in stark contrast to Gott who simple always lived in another Universe during any conversation.