Matthew Kish on UO’s $2B fund drive

I’ve got a bunch of new data on the UO Foundation from various sources, but haven’t had time to put it together. Fortunately Matthew Kish of the Portland Business Journal is on it, with several recent stories:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.38.13 PM

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4 Responses to Matthew Kish on UO’s $2B fund drive

  1. that effing Dog again says:

    interesting and informative graphic and a bit of a surprise to me:

    1). UA endowment much smaller than I thought
    2) How is that WSU does relatively well?

    3) At least we are ahead of OSU …

  2. alum says:

    So they want the endowment to be in the $1-1.3 B range. Not bad, not bad at all, but I thought the goal was to be in the top-25?

  3. Canaduck says:

    I’m assuming the difference of $700m is where donations to athletics is counted?

  4. dogonecon says:

    4) The UC and a UT systems have some mad endowments at the system and then the UC schools also have large endowments.

    5) The authority on Endowments… Check out the NCES tables!