University drops expensive, iffy branding scheme

That would be King’s College London. The Times has the report:

… Professor Byrne said the decision had been made to “keep that name [King’s College London] in every way, both as our official name and how we talk about ourselves”.

“So no more King’s London,” he added.

Professor Byrne, who took over King’s in August last year, also said he would not seek to change the university’s 22-year-old logo “for quite some time”.

“I just want things to settle down and get on with the more important things,” he said.

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2 Responses to University drops expensive, iffy branding scheme

  1. just different says:

    From the comments on the King’s College London coverage:

    Consultation? No. As a senior academic at King’s College London, I can confirm that there was in fact no meaningful consultation about this with the staff. So, not only is this “re-branding” of our college name a spectacular, ocean-going bad idea, it is also another example of the high-handed, top-down senior management style that has become such an unwelcome feature of life at KCL. It’s that which needs to be changed, not our name.

    • useless says:

      ….and when the top down approach is metered out by incompetent, overpaid halfwits (like those lurking around here), the ocean going disasters are even more painful to watch.

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