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B-School Dean Kees de Kluyver’s 5th year review underway

On Interim Provost Bronet’s website, here. I haven’t heard much about Kees since the Songways branding debacle. Petty change in retrospect, compared to 160over90’s boondoggle.

There’s also an update about the strategic planning process – but so far as I can see no discussion of budgeting or Brad Shelton’s budget model.


  1. Anonymous 03/30/2015

    The College of Business is currently working with 160/90 on a rebranding effort. The 160 group is due in town this week.

    • uomatters Post author | 03/30/2015

      Tell us more. I’d love to witness this crew in action.

  2. anonymous 03/31/2015

    Members of the creative team from 160over90, the agency that has been working with us on the University of Oregon’s new brand identity, will be on campus on Wednesday, April 1, to conduct a “brand camp” for campus designers. This two-hour session will focus on the brand’s visual elements and is intended to provide graphic designers with a foundation for integrating the brand elements into their work and extending the brand into the materials we create for a variety of audiences. There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion of how to incorporate the brand elements into the particular work you do.

    We’re extending this invitation to members of the Campus Designers group and a few others whose work includes graphic design.

    Design Brand Camp with 160over90
    Wednesday, April 1, 2015
    3:00 – 5:00
    Ford Alumni Center, room 202

    [This is secondary to their reason for being on campus to consult with the College of Business re: rebranding.]

  3. Old Grey Mare 03/31/2015

    April Fools?

  4. Inside Baseball 04/02/2015

    Not April Fool’s, Old Grey Mare. It happened, just as advertised.

    Although after the latest faux pas (UO has a new AVP “for Campus Sexual Assault!”), it should be clear that no amount of brand coachery can compensate for Johnson Hall’s tin ear. Nor, evidently, can whatever they’re paying the other firm under contract for strategic advice on crisis communications a.k.a. Public Affairs.

  5. Inside Baseball 04/02/2015

    Not April Fool, Old Grey Mare. The self-branded “handsome branders” were here, just as advertised.

    Eventually, if we’re really lucky, someone will schedule a coaching session with our communicators to dial back the aggressively self-congratulatory and obnoxious “application of the brand” in prose.

    As seen on Facebook:

    “We Aren’t Just Green (video) — We invented it. Sustainability is a way of life for us. Be a part of our greener future.”

    Yep. We invented sustainability. All by our own utterly awesome what-iffing selves.

    We also “build better buildings better” (as seen on billboards).

    Congratulations UO. You’ve reinvented yourself as “aggressively obnoxious” and you’re spending millions to cement this image.


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