2 Responses to Blogger subpoenaed to testify about the smell of death

  1. gary crum says:

    garycrum •
    When I saw the headline “Selling the UO”, I thought “yeah, just like “selling” Joey Harrington as a Heisman candidate and shook my head is disgust. Boy, was i ever wrong, these folks see spending money on hype as a good investment and they think that tacky sell job of Harrington was a great idea. Well, maybe they’re right and I’m wrong. After all, they’re also following the lead of NIKE, who, I would, guess spends more on advertising than they pay to all those third-world kids to actually make the shoes and attire. Yes, indeed, let’s “run the University like a business.” Good product? bad product? Compare it to other “brands” by any object measures? How do we actually “improve” the University? Don’t be so damn naive. Those questions are irrelevant. All you need to do is BRAND IT. Develop a U of O swoosh….. “just do it”….hire the best ad men to convince everyone how great you are. I read this story and it really fits into the approach I’ve seen from the “new” business-model University.

    At the risk of being, perhaps, indelicate…………..it makes me want to puke.

    • Old Man says:

      …and, gary crum, it will make the good students and good faculty that we want to recruit puke as well. So sad.