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UO Matters posts deleted OUS archives online

When Pernsteiner’s OUS died its well deserved death on 6/30/2015 they took down their website and all the archived meeting materials and financial reports vanished from the internets – except for what the wayback machine captured, here. They sent the files to the Oregon State Archives, which apparently has no plans to put the website up again.

As it happens I’d archived the website on 6/25/2015. I may have missed some stuff, but most of it seems to be there – dockets, financial info, IMD’s, etc. I’m hoping the UO Senate will put this up on its website soon, but meanwhile I’ve posted it on dropbox here: and added the link to the Crap-Free UO Homepage ™, here.


  1. Thanks 08/19/2015

    The other day I went to look at the OUS reports and data when I read the report about the six year graduation rate of Pell recipients and wanted to see how Oregon did in comparison.

    I do not know if the OUS had that information in all of those historical reports in the institutional research section but thank you for making these available again.

    Do you know if HECC will be making these reports available?

    Also, I did not see you post this, there are only 45 days for comment.

  2. uomatters Post author | 08/19/2015

    You’re welcome, and I’ll get to the medical records stuff soon.

  3. Fishwrapper 08/19/2015

    Not just a muckraking blog, but a true public servant.

    Thank you.

    • uomatters Post author | 08/19/2015

      I know, I’m slipping. Haven’t made a public records request in more than a week.

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