UO studies fixes after Daily Emerald reports PLC unsafe in earthquake

8/28/2015: In the Emerald, here:

A recent study by the University’s Oregon Natural Hazards Workgroup found several campus buildings will experience moderate to great damage in a massive earthquake. Naturally, due to the danger that’s bound to ensue, students must be prepared for the earthquake and potential impending damage. Investing in a quality earthquake kit and having a well-thought-out disaster plan is essential for when the time strikes. The buildings that will be impacted include Straub Hall, Prince Lucien Campbell Hall and McArthur Court.

And the UO administration has swiftly reacted with “action items” on how to remedy the seismic deficiencies. Oh wait, this is all from 2005. Never mind.

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8/27/2015: When the fruit-loops run out, students will loot faculty food stashes

Camilla Mortensen posts the interview with UO’s earthquake preparedness team in the Eugene Weekly, here:

She says the campus is encouraging faculty and staff to have a disaster plan for their homes – a one- to two-week emergency kit, rather than the traditional three-day kit. She says the UO has purchased a water filtration system to get a higher volume of water to campus after a quake. The UO also encourages students to have their own kits. “We will have dry cereal,” she says.

Not my problem, I’ll be crushed under the rubble of PLC. Speaking of which, has anyone seen the PLC seismic inspection? UO did one 15 years ago, but apparently no one can find it.

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2 Responses to UO studies fixes after Daily Emerald reports PLC unsafe in earthquake

  1. Dog says:

    the best most recent study of this can be found here

    http://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/pp1661f/ (download the 27 MEG PDF)

    for those that want the press release version:


  2. Daffy duck says:

    Apparently memories fade. Buildings on campus long ago identified as most vulnerable to quakes are primarily the legacy unreinforced brick buildings, such as friendly, Johnson hall, chapman, deady, Villard, etc. even so, without retrofitting, many other buildings on campusare also vulnerable, including Hendricks, Plc and Berlinger. Old, but still ignored news.