Public records reveal scandal over EUG’s Flying People payments

10/22/2015: The one time I try blogging about something that couldn’t possibly involve a public records scandal, it turns out it involves a public records scandal. Mark Baker has the report in the RG here.

10/19/2015: EUG Flying People to depart for LCC? Bob Keefer has the rumor in Eugene Art Talk, here. Sad if true. David Joyce’s photos have been the introduction to Eugene for many UO job candidates, including me. Apparently there have been some changes over the years:

Never mind that a few people have been removed. A child molester. And a former student of David Joyce’s at Lane Community College who’d borrowed some equipment that hadn’t been returned. Some minorities were added. A cop was stolen and never recovered.

Please tell us more about what’s going on with this latest Bob!

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 1.29.08 AM

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4 Responses to Public records reveal scandal over EUG’s Flying People payments

  1. J. Heller says:

    “Why are they going to disappear [them]? It doesn’t make sense. It isn’t even good grammar.”
    The artwork will be replaced with company script…big Os and swooshes.

  2. Jenny says:

    That is so sad. Such a unique feature of Eugene airport. Does anyone know who to call to get this stopped?
    One of the models was Fidelina Natividad, a graduate student in the Economics department in the 1980s. Sadly Fidelena was killed in a car accident earlier this year. I’ll really miss seeing her smiling face as I hurry to my next flight.

  3. thedude says:

    Grab one for us!

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