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President Schill and GC Kevin Reed announce strong counseling confidentiality policy

Last updated on 10/02/2015

I’m no law professor, but this policy seems to put to rest worries that UO will ever again access confidential student counseling records for questionable purposes.

It’s also notable in that the Oregon Bar ethics complaint against UO Interim General Counsel Doug Park and Associate General Counsel Sam Hill for obtaining the records, and the Oregon Board of Psychologist Examiner’s proposed $5K fine against UO Counseling Director Shelly Kerr for releasing them, are still in various stages of appeals.

This new policy will not help these administrators’ cases – it will hurt them by making clear that what happened was wrong, and needed to be fixed. But it will help address the student concerns about UO’s institutional betrayal over sexual assaults that were identified by Jennifer Freyd. Which is more important.

UO’s new administration has done the right thing. A lot of people worked very hard to get us to this point, and I hope they are celebrating tonight. None of this would have come to light without the whistleblowing of CTS employees Jennifer Morlock and Karen Stokes, who have filed notice of a retaliation claim against UO.

The new policy is here, and here’s the announcement:

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.46.04 PM


  1. Plain Interested 10/02/2015

    Too bad the Goatee didn’t know or was afraid of doing the right thing by not releasing medical/counseling records. Too bad ex GC Park is an idiot. But at least now he can now add to his resume that he single handedly discovered a flaw in FERPA/HIPPA requirements which bought about a needed change in state and federal law (due the outrage his actions caused in the first place). That would make perfect ‘Around the O’ double speak. And after all the defensive actions the U took to protect themselves and throw a student under the high speed train, it only cost us $800,000. Good job U of O administration!

  2. Hart 10/03/2015

    I’m not sure what to do with the fact that based on this I feel cautiously positive toward President Schill. It’s how I want to feel toward my campus administration, but it’s unfamiliar and a little confusing. Huh.

  3. SaveUofO 10/03/2015

    Doug Park out lived his usefulness years ago. Schill needs to dump Doug Park and he needs to do it now. Start cleaning house immediately and get rid of the fools who have cost us so much time and money and dignity. Ding dongs like Doug Park are what holds this institution back. I pray Schill keeps moving forward, sets us on course, and starts throwing dolts overboard.

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