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Tim Clevenger leaves UO

That’s the solid news from down at the faculty club this afternoon:

I write to you today with mixed emotions. On November 20, I will leave the University of Oregon to accept a position as the Vice President of Brand, Creative, B2C Strategy & Integrated Marketing at Cambia Health Solutions in Portland. 

We wish him the best in his new job. I’m assuming this puts the stake through the 160over90 branding mess. So Diane Dietz’s reporting may well have saved UO $20M.

Update: Thanks to those many who have forwarded Mr. Clevenger’s email to university communications to me. Diane Dietz has a story on it here. I’m not seeing a need to post any more about Mr. Clevenger, and I’m deleting comments. But any new info about 16over90 etc. is very much appreciated. You can email uomatters gmail, or make an anonymous comment which I will read but not post.

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  1. uomatters Post author | 10/30/2015

    To “Everyone focused on 160over90 ….” You should consider reporting this to UO’s auditors. You can make an anonymous report at the website here: or by calling 855-388-2710 It’s going to take a lot to clean up UO, we all need the help of people like you.

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