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ESPN reports on Brandon Austin, Jennifer Morlok, Doug Park

To be broadcast this Thursday, 10:30AM West Coast time on ESPN’s Outside The Lines.

The full broadcast apparently includes an interview with UO counselor Jennifer Morlok, who blew the whistle after UO lawyers Doug Park and Sam Hill got the records of her confidential counseling sessions with Jane Doe, the survivor of an alleged gang-rape by Duck basketball players. I’m guessing Doug Park’s part will be a brief no comment.

UO paid $800K to Jane Doe, who had sued over the counseling records and an alleged lack of due diligence by coach Dana Altman. Altman recruited Austin to UO while he was suspended from Providence College over an alleged sexual assault.

Morlok’s whistleblowing has already led to changes and proposed changes in Oregon and US law and UO policies to protect students.

Austin is now suing UO, alleging he was expelled without due process.

Extract from the ESPN archive here:


  1. Dog 11/04/2015

    This is about the 4th or 5th time that the UO has been “featured” on outside the lines over the last few years (once show was about the Duck Hostesses and that program got discontinued rapidly after that show aired). I routinely watch that show because it is quite
    well done and has very professional investigative reporting done in an objective manner in an important context. I suspect it will provide
    the clearest information to date, on this mess.

    • Anonymous 11/04/2015

      The Duck Hostesses were Lorraine Davis’s idea, she got sorority girls to escort prospects around campus, take them to parties and so on. I think she even figured out how to give the girls academic credit through the athletics department. I remember two of the girls going public about what they were really expected to do. 2000 or so, I think it had a different name though.

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