RG’s Diane Dietz details Schill’s Oregon Commitment plan, Editors endorse

The Dietz story is here. The editorial is here:

It may sound as though President Michael Schill plans to spend a lot of money on efforts to increase the University of Oregon’s graduation rate. What he’s really doing is taking action to cut losses. Every failure to graduate represents a loss for a student, and a loss for the public. Improving the UO’s graduation rate would increase the rate of return on individual and collective investments in higher education. …

Ben Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Finishing with a degree certainly doesn’t hurt. And the very practical founder of the American Philosophical Society would no doubt be happy to know that in today’s America, even a degree in philosophy pays off pretty well – and certainly better than majoring in business does. From 538, here:

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3 Responses to RG’s Diane Dietz details Schill’s Oregon Commitment plan, Editors endorse

  1. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    A good plan from Schill, if it doesn’t cost too much and if it isn’t based on lowering standards. The latter, I don’t think is the case — he has too much class in that respect from his Princeton and U. Chicago background.

    In fact, I hope part of the plan is to continue to raise incoming SAT scores — which is one of the surest paths to raising graduation rates, fast.

    I also like that he says UO is not competing with OSU, we’re competing with UCLA and UVA. Take that, Beavers! His statement will offend some people, good. And OSU will rightfully point out that they are far ahead in research funding. That is good too!

    Schill is so refreshing. He actually seems to have a plan to move UO forward academically. And maybe the means to do it. In more years at UO than I care to admit — this is the first time I’ve ever seen that!

    I hope the trustees and bigbucksters are listening and will respond, soon.

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  2. honest Uncle Bernie says:

    Boy, Marco Rubio is a complete ass!

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  3. Hen says:

    So take that Marco Rubio.

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