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NYT: UO Foundation’s Namyet and Weinhold agree to divest from coal!

The New York Times has the wonderful news here.

Sorry, the sad truth is that Namyet and Weinhold are still fighting our students’ calls for divestment. So Wall Street is doing it for them. JH banner or no JH banner. Or, as the libertarians would say, Free Minds and Free Markets. Too bad the Foundation didn’t listen to our students and get out in 2013:

The world’s largest coal company, the Peabody Energy Corporation, warned on Wednesday that it might have to file for bankruptcy protection as it struggles to keep up with its debt payments.

In a securities filing, Peabody said waning demand for coal around the world and stiffer regulations had raised “substantial doubt” about whether the company could continue to operate outside bankruptcy.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.03.12 AM


  1. Not Jimmy Buffett 03/16/2016

    It’s time for the Divest UO students to up their game and update that banner:

    “We Demand the UO Foundation buy naked put options on Fossil Fuel Stocks!”

  2. uomatters Post author | 03/16/2016

    Thanks Warren, I’ll pass on this investment advice.

  3. curator 03/16/2016

    UO foundation, cart before horse.

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