UO Matters not “fully engaged” over spring break

Posts will be light to nonexistent until spring break ends, in compliance with this bitter 2013 holiday email from former UO GC Randy Geller, now “of counsel” at HLGR, who had apparently just learned that Gottfredson had dropped him from the list of bowl game junketeers:

Subject: [Cas-infoshare] Work schedule for bargaining unit faculty members
Date: December 11, 2013 at 7:02:27 PM EST
To: “cas-heads@lists.uoregon.edu” <cas-heads@lists.uoregon.edu>, “casbudmgr@lists.uoregon.edu” <casbudmgr@lists.uoregon.edu>, “cas-infoshare@lists.uoregon.edu” <cas-infoshare@lists.uoregon.edu>

Please forward this to your faculty and staff.

This is a reminder that under Article 32, Section 21, of the United Academics Collective Bargaining Agreement, bargaining unit officers of instruction who do not earn vacation will be considered to be on paid leave during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day (and during the week of Spring Break).

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are paid holidays. However, bargaining unit faculty members (typically some officers of research) may be required to work on these holidays if necessary to maintain or operate critical facilities or operations. If a bargaining unit faculty member is required to work on a holiday for that reason, he or she may take an equivalent amount of time off with pay at a later date, as approved by the bargaining unit faculty member’s supervisor.

Otherwise, as provided in Article 17, Section 7, of the CBA, each bargaining unit faculty member must be fully engaged in teaching, research, and service work for the university to the extent of his or her appointment, and must be engaged in work or reasonably available for work for the entirety of the term for which the bargaining unit member is employed unless on approved leave. There is no blanket leave for the period between fall and winter terms.

You previously received information about the Governor’s Day.

Faculty members who are not subject to the United Academics CBA may make individual arrangements with their supervisors regarding work schedules.

Randy Geller
General Counsel
University of Oregon
CAS-infoshare mailing list

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3 Responses to UO Matters not “fully engaged” over spring break

  1. Anonymous says:

    But are we ever required to be “fully engaged” here. Shit, can I get a raise for being fully engaged. If so, I might give it a try …

  2. Hmmmmm.... says:

    This is a “work” activity?

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