Faculty union’s General Membership Meeting Tu 5-7PM

You must be a member to attend. You can join at the meeting. It’s a union, of course there will be beer.

Spring Membership Meeting

[United Academics] will be holding our spring Membership Meeting April 5 from 5-7pm in Gerlinger Lounge. A pasta dinner will be served at 5pm, and as usual children are welcome.

The agenda for the meeting is:

5pm Pasta dinner (gluten-free available) and drinks

5:30 Welcome and brief task force updates from: Equity; Violence Prevention and Safety; Sick Leave Bank and Child Care. 
Our members called for attention to these issues in the bargaining of our most recent CBA. We will hear updates on how each task force is planning to tackle these issues of importance to our community.

5:40 Resources for faculty: Interim Ombuds Officer Professor Jen Reynolds

5:55 Discussion on non-renewals and the on-going realignment.
What information about the process would you like UA to press for from the administration? What impacts do you foresee to your unit?

6:20 UA Member Awards

6:30 Report from the Representative Assembly and call for stewards

6:40 Prepping for A Better Oregon (see below) and two anti-worker ballot initiatives

7:00 Closing toast to the memory of Antonin Scalia.

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