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Library Dean Adriene Lim announces collections cuts


Date:   April 6, 2016

To:   All UO Colleges, Schools, and Departments

From:  Adriene Lim, Dean of Libraries

Subject:  Collections Reduction Review, 2016-2017

The UO Libraries must prepare for cuts to our collections budget of approximately $565,000 in FY 2016/2017. This figure represents an actual cut of $115,000 in our collections budget due to the UO’s current budget-realignment process, and a reduction of $450,000 due to the lack of increases to cover expected inflationary costs. 

With this note, we are initiating a collaborative review process with colleagues across the University’s colleges, schools, and departments to identify journals, databases, and other resources for cancellation in FY 2016/2017. Subject liaison librarians will work with UO faculty to share details about the collections review, including the timeline for the process, information about the Libraries’ commitment to provide interlibrary loan services for cancelled titles, and other methods we will use to minimize the negative impact of the cancellations. More details about the process will be posted on the Libraries’ website in the coming days. 

The loss of collections funding is challenging, but we must join with our campus colleagues in collective efforts to help the University realign its resources to support new strategic priorities. Thank you in advance for your advice and support as we work through this collections review and cancellation process. 


  1. Old Grey Mare 04/07/2016

    i thought that supporting library collections would be a “strategic priority,” at least for an institution that wants to make claims about research.

  2. honest Uncle Bernie 04/08/2016

    Gotta fund those cluster hires.

    • New Year Cat 04/08/2016

      What’s the point if the library cannot support their research?

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